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There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a casino and having your ears filled with the sounds of slot machines being worked for every penny they hold. All those little chimes and the sound of coins being spewed forth is enough to make any slots fan feel like they are in heaven.

If you happen to be a regular to any casino then you will know this feeling well, but eventually, as we all know, you will have to step away at some point once your funds have run dry.

As depressing as it can be when you have to walk away from your favourite game, you do have other ways to continue your enjoyment online. Yes, you read that right, you can play free online slots without fear of going bankrupt; you really just need to know the right places to look. is one such place where you should begin your online adventure for free to play slot games. This is the home of hundreds of different slots, all free, and all waiting for you to start enjoying them.

There are slots which keep it simple and replicate the casino games faithfully. Then again there are ones which change the game play mechanics by giving you more options and more lines to play with at any one time.

The other online game sites will maybe have a fraction of the different slot machine games that we currently have, and none of them can compare when it comes to sheer choice.

Seriously, who wants to go through all the hassle of joining a gaming site only to find that they only have one or two slot machine games for you to play? What’s the point of joining if that is the case?

We are not going to name names here, but there are many of these gaming sites out there who promise you a wide variety of slot games but in actual fact they have less than a handful. It is, unfortunately, the downside to the internet.

It can be quite easy for the big players in the gaming world to mislead their members with false hope and promises of better things to come, when in reality they are only interested in luring you towards their premium subscription based products, which more often than not, are usually way overpriced.

But why wait when we already have the best selection you could possibly find. Yes, we know that sounds like a big headed claim, but you only need to take a look for yourself and you will quickly see we are not lying.

If you are looking for a pleasant and safe place for free to play slot games then you can’t go wrong by taking your time and checking out all the slots we have to offer. Once you realize just how big our catalogue of slot machine games is you will not want to go anywhere else.

Enough talk already. It’s time to play some slots!


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*** Sugar Pop Slot Launched ***

Sugar Pop is a crescendo of multi-shaped candies whose Barbie style color scheme might make you think for a moment that you’re in a first grade girls’ version of Tetris rather than a top adult casino game. Sugar Pop was developed exclusively for 7Red by the UK online gaming leader Betsoft. It is a high-powered fun slot machine packed solid with surprises. Bonuses, exploding candies and built-in movie sequences with an armful of betting options that let you choose the play style your heart desires.

Sugar Pop Slot Machine

Sugar Pop Slot Machine

Sugar Pop slot game will appeal to lovers of exploding brick style slots and other games where items collapse down into the vacated spaces. The progressive jackpots will make you raise your eyebrows then break out into out and out laughter as the wins keep adding more into your credit stockpile. Go for low or high stakes with a maximum bet amount of 250 coins a spin!

Enjoy sugar pop slot today!

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