Roulette Basics

Whenever you play roulette online or off-line. Always make sure you play a single zero/european roulette wheel. American roulette has a double zero and a European roulette wheel has a single zero. When you do the maths it is interesting to find that by playing the American version you are giving an extra 2.56% advantage to the house. Meaning over long playing periods you will lose 2.56% more than you would if you play a European roulette wheel. Check out the mathematics of this below:

Roulette Betting Formulas:

  • -1×36/37 + 35×1/37 = -0.0270 (2.70% house edge) – European Wheel
  • -1×37/38 + 35×1/38 = -0.0526 (5.26% house edge) – American Wheel

How To Play Roulette

Roulette is a casino table game that is straightforward and easy to play. There are many roulette betting variations and combination bets that can be made when you play roulette. There are 36 numbers on the roulette wheel from 1-36, and either a single 0 or 00, which will depend on the type of Roulette you play. American Roulette has two 0 and 00, and European Roulette has a single 0 on the wheel. The numbers, 1-36 are either red or black, 18 red and 18 black, and the 0 or 00 are green. On the betting table, there are 3 columns with 12 numbers on each column. Other than the numbers on the betting table, there are betting boxes outside the numbers, which are Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1-18, 19-36, or a box for placing a bet on one of the 3 columns.

Here are the bets that you can make when you play roulette online and their payout odds:

roulette table betting

Roulette Betting & Odds:

A). Straight up Bet – Pays 1/35. Place your chip directly onto the centre of a number.

B). Split Bet – Pays 1/17. Place your chip directly between 2 numbers.

C). Street Bet – Pays 1/11. Place your chip at the end of a row of 3 numbers.

D). Corner Bet – Pays 1/8. Place your chip on the corner of 4 numbers.

E). Line Bet – Pays 1/6. A line bet is like a street bet, but you cover all 6 numbers instead of 3.

F). Row Bet – Pays 1/2. A Row bet or Column bet covers all 12 numbers in any row.

G). Dozens Bet – Pays 1/2. A Dozens bet covers 1-12, 13 – 24 & 25 – 36. Like a row bet it covers 12 numbers.

H). Evens Bet – Pays 1/1. An Evens bet consists of Red/Black or 1-18 & 19-36. Each bet is covering half the board of available numbers.

How To Play Roulette

The players will make their wagers on the roulette betting table and then wait for the spin of the wheel. The Croupier will spin the wheel, and then the ball will be spun in the opposite direction that the wheel is spinning. The bets can be placed until just before the ball leaves the wheel track and then falls into one of the numbers. When the ball comes to a rest, there will be a marker placed over the number that the ball rests in, which is the winning number, and then the players that bet on the winning number will be paid out.

What Not to Do When Playing Roulette

The main thing you should not do when you play roulette online is make bad bets. A bad bet when you play roulette is one that you will be betting against another bet that you have already made. The bets you make should give you the maximum payout, and you cannot do this if you bet against yourself. For example, a bad bet would be betting on Black and Red at the same time; usually players will bet more on one colour, as players will think this is hedging their bets. Nothing could be futher from the truth. As for every chip you place on red & black you cancel each other out. So your in effect wasting money. Especially if you hit Zero!.

It is the same premise with any bet that you make, which you know will not come in. For example, when you play roulette, betting on Evens and then a few individual odd numbers, or betting on 1-18 and then placing individual bets above 18 on the inside of the table. You are reducing your roulette betting odds. Because your betting against yourself to win. No matter what happens, one of your bets will lose!.

This is a common move that many amateurs make so they can hedge their bets. Making bad bets when you play roulette online is a sure-fire way to lose money. Play smarter than that! Allow your bets to play out and achieve their maximum potential return. – Good Luck!

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