Basic Blackjack Guide

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How To Play Blackjack

In order to play blackjack online you will need to place an amount you wish to wager. Click the chip icons and select the amount you wish to bet which will then automatically be placed upon the blackjack table. When you play blackjack online you will be dealt 2 cards face up and the dealer/banker will be dealt 1 card face down and 1 card face up.

Depending on your cards and what the banker is holding. You then have several options. You can “hit”, meaning to take another card. You can “stand”, which means your happy with the cards you have. Or you can “double down”. This means you can match your existing bet thats upon the table in the hopes of maximising your potential win. This is usually performed when you are dealt 11 as a starting hand and your aim is to hit a 10 with the double down.

If both you and the dealer bust, you will still lose your bet. If you and the dealer have the same hand value, it is referred to as a “push” and you will get your original bet back. If you are dealt an Ace and any Face card, it is called Blackjack, and generally you will be paid out 3:2. For any other win, you will be paid out 1:1.

Blackjack Play Options

After you are dealt your two cards, you will have several options on what action to take. Here are the full list of options available to you after being dealt your first two cards.

  • Hit – This will mean you want another card.
  • Stand – You will play your hand and not take any more cards.
  • Double Down – You double your original bet on the table and then you are dealt one, and only one, card.
  • Split – You can split when you have a pair, such as 2 Kings. You will double your original bet and then split the pair and are dealt one more card for each of the split cards and play each hand as a separate hand.

If you have made the decision to stand, your turn will be over, and you cannot take any more cards. After all the players at the blackjack table have made their decisions, the dealer will turn over their hidden card and then play their hand. If the dealer has 16 or less, they have to hit, even if they already have a better hand than the players at the table. Until the dealer has at least 17, they are required to keep taking cards. If the dealer goes over 21 and busts, then all the players at the blackjack table still in the hand will win and be paid out.

What Not To Do When Playing Blackjack Games

Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid when playing Online Blackjack Uk

  • Standing on a soft 18 (having an Ace) when the dealer is showing a 9,10, or Ace. 18 may seem pretty good, but the chances are high that the dealer will get over an 18 if they are showing a 9,10, or Ace.
  • Standing with a pair of 8’s when the dealer is showing a 10. This is not a good starting hand (16), but if you split the hands, you have a better chance of winning, even though you are starting off with only an 8.
  • Standing on a soft 17. A lot of players think that you should always stand when you have 17. However, this is not the case if you have a soft 17. If you are dealt an Ace-6, or an Ace-2 or 4, you should take a hit. Having a soft hand will allow you to take a card and not bust, as with a soft hand, the Ace will be counted as 1 if you go over 21 with the Ace counting as 11.
  • Taking a hit if you have 12 to 16 and the dealer is showing a 2 through 6. It may be the case that you have a weak hand, but the dealer has a good chance to bust if they are showing a 2 through 6.
  • Splitting 10’s or Face cards if the dealer is showing a 5 or 6. Never split up a pair of 10 value cards, NEVER!
  • Not doubling down on 11 if the dealer is showing a card value of 10. Most people are afraid that the dealer has a 20 and do not double down if they have an 11. If you hit rather than double down, you will win about 50% of the time.

These are just some hints and tips for playing online blackjack – Uk style. When you play blackjack games, just make sure to do one thing – And that is too have fun! – GOOD LUCK.

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